(unless they’re samoseks)

Beans and grains and vegetables and more…

Photo by Yana Gorbunova on Unsplash

(Corn syrup? No, of course there’s no corn syrup…)

Photo by Keighla Exum on Unsplash

Curry is not the only food

A slice of Morocco, right there on your plate…

Photo by Jenn Kosar on Unsplash

The secret is to heat the pan. That’s it.

Photo by Keenan Loo on Unsplash

To say nothing of the ginger…

Photo by Светлана Хуснутдинова on Unsplash

Chaz Brenchley

I write. That’s what I do. Forty-two years a pro (and counting), and never a day job. Betweentimes I cook, and garden, and am very married.

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